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Butcher Block

Originally published on ashevillekitchentops.com

The simple beauty of natural wood can add warmth and texture to any kitchen. A butcher block countertop, when used in combination with colder surfaces such as stone or quartz, gives the room a softer appearence. Butcher block also makes for a functional work surface or a handy food serving area, and a butcher block island or bar is always a comfy gathering spot for family and friends.

The wood species we offer include hard rock maple, black walnut, cherry and Appalachian red oak. We use John Boos butcher block; their full length rails are cut, selected and matched to provide an unbroken appearance over the length of the slab. The tops are 1 1/2″ thick and are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Slabs can be seamed together (you’ll never see it) to make extra wide tops, and thicker slabs are available for tables, carts, etc.

If you want to use your butcher block countertop for chopping and food prep, it can be left unfinished. It will need to be cleaned like any other countertop surface, and it’s a good idea to oil it regularly. There are several good oils on the market that combine food grade mineral oil and beeswax for a natural, food-safe finish.

If you want to preserve the beauty of the wood, and don’t plan on using your countertop for a cutting surface, we offer several water and stain resistant finishes to protect and seal the surface. Clean up is easy – just mild soap and water. Depending on the finish you choose, the sealer may need to be re-applied eventually.

Not many countertop materials are as practical as butcher block, and the surface is renewable. Nicks and scratches that may occur over time can be sanded down to bring the wood back to like-new condition. Wood countertops are dense and will last a very long time. Butcher block will hold up under heavy use, but it’s not recommended as a resting spot for hot pans out of the oven.

Butcher block is an attractive and practical choice for kitchen countertops. It’s a softer, more forgiving surface than stone, it makes a wonderful food prep area, and bakers love it for rolling dough. These naturally beautiful countertops impart a warm, friendly glow to any kitchen.