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Versatile, economical, durable…

Laminate countertops have been around since the 50’s – and with good reason. They look great, they’re affordable, and they hold up for years under normal wear and tear. They also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, and new lines come out on a regular basis.

Laminate also blends well with other surfaces – you can use laminate for the main part of your kitchen, then accent with an island or other featured top in butcher block, solid surface, or bamboo. Laminate is also versatile enough for other applications, including work surfaces, desks, laundry rooms, and home offices.

We offer over 600 laminate colors and patterns from two companies, Wilsonart and Formica . Our post form tops come in several edge profiles, or we can build a custom self (square) edge. A laminate top with a solid surface, wood, metal, or contrasting laminate edge can add an element of style to an otherwise plain countertop.

Laminate countertops are durable and low-maintenance. Clean up is simple – mild soap and water. Stubborn spots can be cleaned with ammonia or vinegar based glass cleaner. Abrasive cleansers or pads are not recommended for most laminates, and a hot plate or trivet should always be used.

Affordability, durability, and the wide array of textures, colors, and patterns combine to make laminate an excellent choice for many applications. It has been a favorite for years, and because of constant innovations and new designs, it will always be a popular choice for many homes.

Why Professional Granite Countertop Installation

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Countertop installation isn’t something that should be DIY’ed. Especially when it comes to installing granite and natural stone. There are safety concerns and technical details to take into consideration. It is best to leave this job to the pros.

Choosing Granite Countertops

Granite comes from mother nature, making each slab unique with different shade variations, fissures, cracks, chips, pits, and pores. Don’t let this scare you away! This is what makes natural stone so beautiful! Not only does granite make a great countertop surface because of its beauty, it is also a great choice because of its qualities. Granite countertops are resistant to scratches, bacteria, stains, and heat, and can also be used for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Now that you have selected one of the most popular and durable countertops for your space it is important to get them professionally installed.

Professional Granite Installation Benefits


Even though granite is a strong and durable surface, it can easily be damaged in the transportation process if the right precautions aren’t met.


Installing your natural stone countertops with a professional installer will eliminate a great risk of damage, not to mention the installer and the stone are insured if things go wrong. This is not always the case with a handyman who would leave you with the bill and the damaged product.


There is a lot of work that takes place in the fabrication and installation of your granite countertops. Measuring, cutting, sanding, polishing, and sealing are just some of the steps that take place before your countertops are installed in your home. Countertop installation can be a lot of work for a DIY handyman to handle. Our team of installers are trained professionals that have the proper knowledge and tools to get your countertops installed perfectly and in a timely manner.

So sit back and relax and let the professionals create an enjoyable experience for you and your family. If you are needing new countertops installed in your home consider Cutting Edge Countertops for your project. If you can visualize it, we can create it – from eye-­catching kitchens to picture-­perfect powder rooms and luxurious laundries. Whether your style is timelessly traditional or stunningly sleek, we can help you create the perfect environment to truly transform your home or commercial space. It all starts with our wide-­ranging selection of surfaces. Contact us today to get started on your installation.