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Easy Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

Originally Published By footbridgemedia.com

Kitchen remodeling projects too often only focus on the overall look of the kitchen. It is important to remember that a kitchen is only as good as it is functional. You and your family use your kitchen for some of the most important everyday tasks. Having a cluttered and disorganized kitchen can make those tasks extremely frustrating instead of rewarding.

The following are just a few easy ways in which you can improve the organization and storage space of your kitchen during your next kitchen remodeling project. By doing just a few of the following ideas, you and your family will not only love the new look of your kitchen, but you will also love how easy it is to cook in your new kitchen.

Add Drawers within Drawers

The most common reason why we have organizational problems in our kitchens is a lack of storage space. When storage space becomes scarce, various kitchen instruments become crammed in areas that were not originally designed to hold them. When remodeling your kitchen it is important to consider areas of your kitchen where storage space is not being used.

One area where there is extra storage space is within utensil drawers. Usually we have a utensil drawer with an insert that keeps knives, spoons, and forks separated. Above this insert, there is an area of open space. By installing a drawer that fits in this open space, you double the amount of storage space for your utensils. This simple solution frees up other drawer space for other items while consolidating all of your utensils to one drawer.

Add Vertical Storage Space for Baking Sheets

For some reason, most homeowners store baking sheets in the same spot in the same inefficient fashion: under the range, stacked chaotically on top of each other. This inefficient and clutter storage method allows you to see only the top cooking sheet. Finding and pulling out the appropriate baking sheet can be an annoying hassle.

By installing a vertical divider in one of your cabinet spaces, you can remove this frustrating problem in your next kitchen remodel. By storing your baking sheets vertically, each baking sheet will be readily identifiable and instantly accessible. This simple convenience saves time and frustration every time your family wants to use your oven.

Add a Drawer for Pot Lids

The kitchen disorganization problem that is perhaps the most frustrating involves pots and pans. Pots and pans are usually stored in a cabinet underneath the counter. Because of limited storage space, pots are usually stored within larger pots like an ugly Russian nesting doll. Because the pots are stored within each other, the corresponding lids are just thrown haphazardly in the same cabinet space.

Nothing can be more frustrating than bending down in this cabinet space searching for the right lid for the pot that you have chosen. A simple way to completely eliminate this problem is to install a drawer underneath the pot shelf.

This drawer can be used specifically to hold the lids to your pots and pans. This drawer has the dual benefit of making it extremely easy to find the right pot lid while also freeing up space for more pots and pans. This simple storage solution adds greatly to the utility of your family kitchen.

Think Vertical Storage when Remodeling

As stated earlier, the key to eliminating disorganization and clutter through your next kitchen renovation project is to consider potential storage space that is not currently being used. By adding storage space, you not only increase the options within your kitchen, but you also are able to utilize conventional storage space more effectively.

The vertical surfaces of your kitchen provide countless storage options to consider in your next kitchen remodel. If there is a set of spice mixes that you commonly use, you can install a spice rank directly into your wall. A unique addition to a modern style kitchen could be a magnetic spice rack that allows you to pull spice containers directly off the wall.

Another vertical storage area that is ready to be used is the inside of your cabinet doors. You can get rid of the bulky knife rack that is on your counter by installing knife shelves inside of your cabinet doors.

There are countless ways to improve the storage space of your kitchen with a professional kitchen remodeling job. Just remember to focus on the functionality of your kitchen in addition to its overall aesthetic layout and design.